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Awaken the mindset, body & life you love...without deprivation or drastic measures!

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Do You Ever Feel Broken?

You tried EVERYTHING to lose weight before finally turning to weight loss surgery. 
After all you've been through, you never dreamed you might once again find yourself struggling with old thinking, unwanted habits and regain.
It's not just exhausting, it's soul-crushing. 
You wonder, "What's wrong with me? Did I stretch it? Have I failed surgery? What are they whispering behind my back? Is there still hope for me?" 
Know this: You're not alone, and you have NOT failed!
In fact, you've already got everything inside of you to be successful. You just need someone to show you how.

This Time WILL be Different.

There's no one like you.

You could eat what I eat, do the exact same workouts, have identical stress levels, and yet we'd have totally different outcomes. 
No wonder all the "cookie cutter" nutrition and exercise plans you've been given all your life haven't delivered long-term results.
What you're eating and how much you're sweating are NOT at the core of what's blocking you from achieving the body in which you look and feel your best.
If you're ready to break away from the chaos of the diet mentality and step into the calm, confident and in control version of yourself, then your breakthrough begins with the power of step, one action, one shift at a time.
The Rightsize Lifestyle Academy™ will teach you how.

Rightsize Lifestyle Academy™

This program teaches you how to lay the foundation for success and align your mindset, behaviors and environment to support the amazing tool that weight loss surgery gave you so that you can experience the confidence, peace and freedom of the Rightsize Lifestyle. The Academy's four areas of focus include foundation, environment, mindset and behavior.


Create a rock-solid foundation upon which you can begin building your unique Rightsize Lifestyle


Influence your social, physical and physiological environments to facilitate a gentle, peaceful transformation


Step into your Rightsize Identity, shift beliefs, create awareness and recalibrate your mindset so you find the place of calm & confidence


Activate the Bitesize Changes process to change behaviors, create new habits and reinforce long-term results

What's Inside the Academy?

Get ready to go deep, because it's time to stop trying to fix the symptoms and instead heal the underlying challenges by creating your unique Rightsize Lifestyle.

Once you get inside the Academy, here's some of what you'll experience:

Your Course Library

As a Rightsize Lifestyle Academy™ member, you’ll have a password protected Library you can access 24/7. Inside, there is a course overview, four modules, video lessons, implementation activities, workbook downloads and bonuses. Content is released in 12 stages. The Library tracks your progress and has space available to ask me questions. 

Module & Lesson Format

Each module contains video lessons, implementation activities and supporting documents for that phase of your journey. Lesson format is similar to Shelly's bootcamp, with Shelly speaking on video next to a slideshow. The difference is that the lessons are broken into smaller chunks that make them easily digestible and easier for you to control how much or how little content you want to consume during each visit to your library. Each module has implementation activities (AKA: your missions) for you to complete so you make forward progress in your implementation of what you’ve learned.

Frameworks, Roadmaps & Processes

The Academy has one-of-a-kind frameworks, roadmaps and processes to help you understand and effectively navigate your journey. You'll get to see everything from the "big picture" down to the nitty gritty details of how to implement each element of your Rightsize Lifestyle™. 


Your workbook builds as you go. Each of the 12 content releases includes a portion of the workbook in a fillable PDF format so you can use it in either printed or electronic format. All workbooks include lesson summaries and exercises.  

Academy Tracker & Reward

You’ll have access to a chart to keep you motivated and track your progress. When you reach the magic points threshold, you can take a photo of your tracker, send it to Shelly and soon thereafter receive your reward...something really cool that will be delivered to your home!

Together, We Are Stronger

The lessons and implementation missions provide an amazing roadmap that empower you to create your Rightsize Lifestyle. With these tools, you can journey far on your own. 

Want to go further, faster?

That's where community creates advantage for you. The Academy community is here to help you elevate your experience with camaraderie, inspiration and support. 

You know from experience that on some days it can be hard to self-motivate. That's why the program is community-centric and offers the following opportunities to share your journey with other women:

There are quarterly meet and greet sessions to welcome incoming members. These forums provide an opportunity to introduce yourself, share a little about your journey and meet the wonderful women in this community. 

Learning is more fun together! Academy members are invited to Monday Night Watch Parties, where we gather together on Zoom to watch some of the Academy's video lessons. (You can still watch them on your own in your library, too!) I'll pause in spots to add commentary and some extra take-away nuggets and you can interact with your peers and ask questions in the chat. Often,  the Watch Parties include short break-out sessions in Zoom rooms so you can also chat about what you're learning with other members. (You can stay in the main room with me if you are not comfortable doing breakout sessions.)

(Academy Elite Only)

Academy Elite members meet weekly with me for one hour in a small, intimate group where we share our experiences, explore transformation opportunities and support one another. Because this group is small enough that each member has ample opportunity to share challenges and successes, this is where the closest bonds are formed. 

(Academy Elite Only)

Two thirty-minute sessions, just the two of us, to focus on what's most important to you. 


When you join the Academy, you'll also receive these really cool bonuses:


Once per quarter, you're invited to participate in a live workshop with other Academy members for additional learning. The workshops include break-out sessions where you can interact live with your peers. These workshops are a bonus that all Academy members get to enjoy. Workshop topics have included Food & Feelings and Blues, Boredom & Boundaries. 

Receive Shelly's Back on Track After Bariatric Regain 5-Day Challenge that teaches five mindset shifts you can immediately implement to begin creating transformation. This self-study course includes five short video lessons (about 10 minutes each) along with daily challenges and questions to help you put what you learn into practice. 

Recordings of the Back on Track After Bariatric Regain 3-Day Bootcamp are available to watch in your library whenever you want. Workbook included.

(Academy Elite Only)
Tapping is a healing modality in which you gently tap on acupressure points while focusing on challenges you want to overcome. Shelly's unique EFT tapping program focuses on the eight ways in which you are "Wired for Food" to help you break through barriers and begin gaining control over cravings, food memories, emotional eating, stress tied to weight and more.

(Academy Elite Only)

Do you struggle to love yourself? Then you'll find value in this workshop recording that explores how to step into your self-worth. Workbook included.

(Academy Elite Only)

Once per month, I host a casual session where members can ask questions, brainstorm challenges,  share experiences and hang out with the other ladies. 

Here's What People Are Saying ...

Jan in Illinois says…

“I have lost 17 pounds and can't wait to hit 20. When I started, I thought the road was impossible since I gained all but 7 pounds back from my first initial sleeve gastrectomy surgery. But with the Rightsize Mindset I know the impossible is possible and I'm NOT broken. Thanks for that! 

Norma in Wyoming says…

“I had gastric bypass in 2004 and lost 114 lbs. Since then, I've tried different diets, lost, regained, felt shamed and gave up. Last November, at a routine doctor visit, when I stepped on the scale for my weigh-in I was shocked that I had gained back 68 lbs. I decided I had to make a change and get back to my former, comfortable weight.

I started the Rightsize Lifestyle Academy Elite in January 2024. I was nervous about the cost of the class but decided to give it a try; it's been worth every penny. Shelly has been great, always upbeat and sharing her own story. Her and the other members have been so positive and supportive. This class is like a family, we can share anything.

I've taken small challenges on one at a time...the result is an awesome 16 lb. weight loss in three months, and I'm still going. I don't feel like I would have made this kind of progress without the support of the Academy." 

Noemi in Switzerland says…

“More than 10 years after my WLS, I finally found Shelly and an incredible group of people with whom I can share my journey, support and be supported. [This program] is an incredible support to fight against regain! What I like the most about the course is the fact that it provides clear practical tools to change my mindset and empower me to implement real changes in my relationship with food.” 

Marie in Texas says…

“The program has been a turning point for me since my WLS surgery three and a half years ago. I lost my way and had some regain. Joining the [program] has brought me new and exciting information and support from other WLS patients. Much needed support as I had moved away from my doctor and support group in Southern California. Thankfully, I made the decision to join Shelly's program and I feel my confidence coming back. I look forward to the support I receive thru this community, it has been a blessing!”

Susan in California says…

“When you’re struggling with regain, it’s so easy to fall into the abyss of despair and shame. Trying to figure it out alone wasn’t working for me.  I needed help, inspiration and a mentor to guide me out of the darkness. Enter Shelly Southall and her totally unique approach. Shelly’s program is exactly what I needed. Her inspired thinking, refreshing approach and bite-size coaching gave me the courage to step out of shame and into action. It's a real game-changer to reclaiming a “Yes, I can” mindset. Shelly tackles the gnarly “diet mentality” and does so with compassion, understanding and first-hand experience. If you’re struggling with regain, I highly recommend Shelly’s program. Her program has given me the right mindset to step into rightsized self!"

Is the Academy for Me?

Let's be clear. The Rightsize Lifestyle Academy™ is not for everyone. It’s not for someone looking for a nutrition plan. It’s not for anyone seeking a diet. It’s not for someone looking for an overnight fix.

This program is for you if:'re FED UP WITH obsessing over calories, macros, crazy cardio and stressing about fitting into that little black dress . want to break the cycle of regain with a gentle approach that is not one-size fits all.

…you want a program that can be tailored to your unique needs and desires.'re willing to do the deep work so that this time, your transformation will last because you live in a state of calm, confidence and consistency. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This program is reserved exclusively for women who have had weight loss surgery. 

Are You Ready?

I've made certain that the program is jam-packed with value. Below, I've outlined everything that's included.


Yes, I want to enroll!

Academy Investment Overview

You can choose the Academy Signature package, which is a really solid self-directed study program with some great bonuses. You can take it to the next level by joining Academy Elite, which includes weekly live, interactive groups with Shelly and a ton of extra bonuses.

Rightsize Lifestyle Academy Program & Payment Options



PER MONTH (12-Month Minimum)

 Academy Self-Study Program

Weekly LIVE & INTERACTIVE Group Meetings

Weekly Watch Parties

1-to-1 Mentor Sessions 

Academy Elite Toolkit

& More

+ 6 Bonuses


(Total Value $6,618


You pay only $87 per month for a minimum of 12 months



Yes, I want the monthly option!



ANNUAL FULL-PAY (1-Yr Minimum)

Academy Self-Study Program

Weekly LIVE & INTERACTIVE Group Meetings

Weekly Watch Parties

1-to-1 Mentor Sessions 

Academy Elite Toolkit

& More

+ 6 Bonuses


(Total Value $6,618)


Save with this one-time payment of $1,044 $835



Yes, I want the single pay option!



ANNUAL FULL-PAY (1-Yr Minimum)

Academy Self-Study Program

Weekly Watch Parties

& More

+ 3 Bonuses


(Total Value $3,449)


Save with this one-time payment of $444 $355



Yes, I want the annual pay option!



PER MONTH (12-Month Minimum)

Academy Self-Study Program

Weekly Watch Parties

& More

+ 3 Bonuses


(Total Value $3,449)


You pay only $37 per month for a minimum of 12 months



Yes, I want the monthly option!

Need More Detail?

I totally get it! Here's the line-by-line detail.


Rightsize Lifestyle Academy™ ($1,497 Value)

  • Self-study covering the foundation + each of the three pillars of the Rightsize Lifestyle Formula™
  • Videos lessons, workbook modules & implementation missions released weekly over 12 weeks
  • Frameworks, processes and roadmaps

Monday Night Watch Parties ($797 Value)

  • Live sessions
  • We watch the Academy lessons each week as a group
  • Extra commentary and "wisdom nuggets" from Shelly
  • Interact with your peers in chat and ask Shelly questions
  • Most Watch Parties include a 5- to 10-minute breakout to discuss what you're learning with other members

Academy Welcome Meeting ($47 Value)

  • Live, interactive session
  • Member introductions (if you feel comfortable doing so)
  • What to expect + Q&A

Signature Bonus #1: Quarterly  Workshops ($787 Value)

  • Live training from Shelly
  • Small peer group break-outs to brainstorm and plan

Signature Bonus #2: 5-Day Challenge Mini Course ($247 Value)

  • 5 short video lessons on mindset shifts
  • 5 daily challenges to help you implement each mindset shift

Signature Bonus #3: Bootcamp Recordings ($47 Value)

  • Video recordings of the 3-Day Bootcamp to Get Back on Track After Bariatric Regain™
  • Bootcamp workbook
  • Bootcamp bonus (How to Effectively Adopt a New Habit 3x Faster)


When You Choose the Rightsize Lifestyle Academy™ Elite, you get everything in the Signature program PLUS:

Live Weekly Group Meetings ($1,497 Value)

  • Group coaching on Zoom
  • Intimate setting where members give/receive support

Academy Elite Welcome Meeting ($97 Value)

  • 30-minute one-to-one welcome meeting with Shelly
  • Get acquainted + share your goals & challenges

One-to-one Mentor Sessions ($197 Value)

  • Two 30-minute sessions with Shelly

Academy Elite Toolkit ($137 Value)

  • A toolkit mailed to your home or office via U.S. Post
  • Fun surprises/tools to open with each module

Elite Bonus #1: EFT Tapping for a Rightsize Lifestyle ($797 Value)

  • EFT tapping, which is a mind-body healing art to help alleviate blocks tied to uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and experiences that have led to patterns that have contributed to weight challenges
  • Eight tapping focuses, each tied to ways in which you are wired for food

Elite Bonus #2: Learning to Love Yourself Workshop ($47 Value)

  • Workshop recording
  • Workbook

Elite Bonus #3: Saturday Sessions ($397 Value)

  • Live Saturday morning casual get-together on Zoom for additional coaching and camaraderie 
  • These take place 1x per month

Frequently Asked Questions

The watch parties are each Monday night at:

8pm eastern

7pm central

6pm mountain 

5pm pacific 

The Watch Parties cycle through the Academy video lessons year-round. It takes about six months to cycle through all lessons since we go at a slow pace. We watch the video lessons together and I add extra live Watch Party Nuggets (additional thoughts/learning) as we go. Academy members interact in chat. 

Sometimes the watch parties will include 5- to 10-minute breakouts in Zoom Rooms so you can discuss the content with other community members and explore how you'll implement what you learn. If you don't feel comfortable doing the breakouts, that's fine. Just stay in the main Zoom room with me :)

It doesn't matter where we are in the cycle when you join, the content is structured in a way that it will make sense and you can implement what you learn. 

No. I never record group events to protect participants privacy. 

This is a small, interactive, close-knit group session. We currently meet each week on Thursdays at:

7pm Eastern

6pm Central

5pm Mountain

4pm Pacific 

The coaching and group interaction is NOT recorded. We often discuss deeply personal information. Because of that, we do not record the bulk of these sessions out of respect for member privacy. However, there will be a written summary of key takeaways/concepts from coaching that is posted within 24 hours.

These are typically the third Saturday of the month, but subject to change due to holidays/events. I post a monthly calendar a week prior to each month so you can plan ahead. The meeting time is:

11am eastern

10am central

9am mountain

8am pacific

You get access to the Academy for a minimum of 12 months. If you continue your membership on a month-to-month basis after that time you will continue to have access for as long as you are a member. 

Yes. The membership has a 12-month minimum. When your 12-month mark is approaching you will be notified in advance and given the option to continue or conclude your membership. Your monthly or annual rate, whichever you choose, will not increase. After your 12 months, you can cancel at any time.

If you haven't already had surgery, eligibility is considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact to discuss and we can mutually determine if it's a good fit. 

If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them. Please contact me directly at [email protected]

Hi, I'm Shelly.

I get it, I really do. Women in our community are often shocked when they share with me their deepest, darkest secrets about their struggles with food, feelings and weight...the things that they are too embarrassed to admit to anyone else. What surprises them is that what they consider to be shameful, weak or embarrassing is actually pretty normal. And, here's how I know:

The Journey Begins

Imagine…You’re ready to bite into a brownie, when you’re third grade teacher scolds you in front of your classmates because, “You can’t eat that; you’re on a diet!”

…Being told by your weight loss psychologist in high school, “I can’t treat you anymore because now that you’ve lost weight, I find you attractive.”

…Being told in your annual performance review that, “You should lose weight, so you appear more professional to clients.”

Experiences like these combined with comorbidities led me to a gastric bypass in April 2002. I credit weight loss surgery with not only changing my life but saving it.

Figuring Out Rightsize...

Surgery gave me a powerful tool that helped me lose 101 lbs. After the “honeymoon period” I struggled with the return of old thinking and habits. The scale started going up. I panicked, turning to “resets” and diets that only made matters worse.

By January 2017, I had been carrying around more than 50 lbs of regain for years. I was embarrassed. I was ashamed. I was so angry at myself. I was back on blood pressure meds. And, I felt defeated because I was convinced I had failed bariatric surgery.  

A moment at a theme park with my 9-year old niece changed my life. I committed to figure out how to lose the weight for once and for all. I became the mad scientist in the lab of Rightsize Living…figuring out what worked and what didn’t. I lost ALL of the regain without deprivation or drastic measures and I’ve been loving life in my rightsize self ever since.

Today, 20+ years after surgery, I’m on a mission to help women living in the place of pain, shame and despair I once lived in after surgery. You see, the tool that surgery gave you is amazing, but it’s only part of the solution. Only YOU have the power to change your mindset, behaviors and environment to create your own unique Rightsize Lifestyle. 

Here's What People Are Saying ...

Ruth in Wisconsin says…

"I worked on organizing my computer last night and came across my things I’d used in the program with you. Glad to say It’s stuck with me … I can almost hear you guiding me sometimes. My habits have taken time to change, but I’ve lost 16 lbs thus far. Slow and steady!! Ty for your inspiration!!!"  

Jan in Illinois says…

“Your energy and positivity is contagious, which has helped me through this process of opening up who I am and what makes me tick. I love your science evidence-based research that gives the true explanation of why we do what we do and how to approach situations.”

Christine in Australia says…

“I just wanted to let you know that I've lost 4.7kgs (10lbs) in the past six weeks. I'm really pleased with where my head is at at the moment and feeling really positive about the changes that are happening and wanted to thank you for being a big part of that.”

Paula in California says…

“My new mentality is grounded in love…love for myself and love for life. My focus is on feeding and moving my body in a way that makes me strong mentally and physically. My sister works in a nursing home, so I’m acutely aware of preserving my quality of life. My ability to stay healthy and strong is now top of mind. After letting go of the diet mentality and taking control of my health, my husband and I are living life to the fullest, staying active and taking trips almost every month. And you know what? I’m worth it!”

Leigh Ann in Alabama says…

“I have learned a lot from the [program]. I have learned that I am enough. I have learned that weight and measurements are just data, to make one change at a time until it becomes a habit, the importance of journaling, the importance of positive self-talk, the importance of getting right back to Bitesize Changes Process when I slip up, how important it is to celebrate even the small changes, and many other things. Also, I have learned the importance of repetition, connection, and mindset, which are invaluable. I realize now that if I believe I can do it, I will! Thanks so much Shelly! This [Academy] and you have been so inspiring!”

Cris in California says…

“Shelly is the best thing that happened to me this past year. In such a chaotic and scary time she came into my life as a calming influence who is always positive and brings out the positive in those whom she counsels. Through her “rightsize” community I have made some of the best friends of my life. She has a wonderful way of getting us to” be there” for each other and I am most grateful.”

Academy Enrollment Closes In...









Disclaimer: Results vary, are not guaranteed and are tied to your effort. The Rightsize Lifestyle Academy is produced for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as medical advice or instruction, medical nutrition, therapy or individualized nutrition counseling.


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