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Summer 2024
"Back on Track After Bariatric Regain" Bootcamp 

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Discover how to create a Rightsize Lifestyle™ so you can unlock the confidence, joy and freedom to live the life you love…without doing diets or resets ever again! 

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Never again!

If you proclaimed those two words after surgery, you're not alone.

But, after a while the honeymoon ended, life threw you some curve balls and your bariatric journey was no longer your primary focus.

That's probably about the time you noticed pre-surgery thinking, habits and perhaps even some the weight slowly creeping back into your life...becoming harder and harder to ignore.

And, now you're freaking out!

Because dieting, resets and going back to basics just aren't working. 

It's gonna be okay!

Surgery gave you an amazing tool...and even if you're experiencing regain or worry that your tummy has stretched, it DOES still work! 

And, I'll show you how.

Here's What to Expect

In less than 1 hour a day in this 3-day bootcamp, you'll discover:

  • How to end the cycle of bariatric regain 
  • The 3 biggest mistakes that get in the way of achieving and maintaining the body you love
  • The Rightsize Lifestyle™ formula to get back on track...and stay on track

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Shelly Southall, Rightsize Lifestyle Expert
(21 Years RNY Post-op)

I Get It!

I understand the mind games, food addiction, emotional eating, ridicule, discrimination, and feelings of shame, self-doubt and unworthiness that often accompany weight struggles. Not because I read about it or formally studied it, but because I experienced it all firsthand.

I Was 8 When I Was Put on My First Diet

You name it, I’ve probably tried it: doctor-directed diets, summer “fat camps,” nutritionists, shrinks, hospital programs, commercial diet programs, fad diets, liquid diets, pills, starvation, exercising into oblivion and more.

WLS in 2002 Gave Me a Powerful Tool

Weight loss surgery fixed my body, but it didn’t fix my thinking and behaviors. I lost 101 pounds in six months. Less than a year after surgery, I was battling regain … just a little at first, until ...

Eventually, I Regained Half of What I'd Lost

I battled post-surgery regain for over a decade. Surgery helped me keep off a lot of the weight and probably saved my life. But, it was up to me to figure out how to change my thinking, behavior and environment.

I Figured Out How to Get & Stay in Control

I lost ALL of the regain in 2017 and have kept it off. Today I'm totally in control of my weight. It wasn’t a magic pill or the latest fad diet that got me here. I figured out how to slowly transform my life one small change at a time.

My Mission is to Help You Do It, Too!

I want everyone who has ever struggled after bariatric surgery to break the cycle of regain without fad dieting, resets or drastic measures. You deserve to live life on in a body where you look and feel your best! I’m here to help you by teaching you the Rightsize Lifestyle™ that will help get you back on track.


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