I spent decades living in an obese body.

That's why I understand firsthand how obesity weighs you down ... how it gets in the way of your potential and your dreams. The good news is, I figured out how to break free from obesity, and I can show you how to do it, too!

You might be thinking, “Who is this chick and why should I spend my time with her?”

To be clear … I’m not a medical doctor or nurse. I’m not a dietician. I’m not a psychologist. I’m not a certified trainer. I’m not here to give you a diet or nutritional plan or tell you how to exercise—the truth is, you probably already know all that stuff anyway! In fact, my purpose here is NOT to replace the professionals you work with at all … but rather to supplement what they offer with the missing piece.   

WHO I AM is a Rightsize Living Expert who has battled obesity in the trenches.

It’s my mission to help you transform your thinking, behavior and environment through Bitesize Changes … implementing one small change at a time to create new, lifelong habits.

I get it! That’s because we’ve walked a mile or two in the same shoes. (After all, when a woman can't fit into cute outfits, we make up for it in shoes ... lots and lots of stylish shoes!)

I understand the mind games, the food addiction, the emotional eating, the ridicule, the discrimination, and the feelings of shame, self-doubt and unworthiness that often accompany obesity. Not because I read about it … because I experienced it all firsthand. I struggled time and again. I tried countless so-called solutions that never measured up to their promises.

I started my first diet more than four decades ago when I was a little girl. You name it, I’ve probably tried it: doctor-directed diets, summer “fat camps,” nutritionists, shrinks, hospital programs, commercial diet programs, fad diets, liquid diets, pills, starvation, exercising into oblivion and more. I finally turned to gastric bypass in 2002.

Weight loss surgery fixed my body, but it didn't fix my mindset. I lost 100 pounds in six months. But, less than less than 90 days later I was already battling regain … just a little at first … until about five years later I had finally regained at least half of what I had lost.

Don't get me wrong ... 

I battled post-surgery regain for well over a decade, up and down, up and down, and up and down and then up again. Ugh! Surgery had been life-changing; it helped me keep off half the weight and probably saved my life. But, I knew I deserved better. I knew in my heart that I deserved to live life in a rightsize body … just like you do!

I am proud to say that today I am loving life in my ideal body. It wasn’t a magic pill or the latest fad diet that got me here. I figured out how to fix what’s up top … in my head ...and use my knew thinking and behaviors in conjunction with the powerful tool weight loss surgery gave me.

Now, my mission is to share the process that worked for me AND help guide you towards that same victory! I want everyone who has ever dreamed of rightsize living to achieve it. You deserve to live life on your terms! I’m here to help you.


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