You are one Bitesize Change Away from the breakthrough that will help you achieve and maintain Rightsize Living...without dieting, deprivation or drastic measures!


An 8-week step-by-step group program that teaches you how to break free from the diet mentality and implement new thinking and habits that will help you release the regain and fall in love the confident, in-control, joyful person staring back at you in the mirror.

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Is this you...

Have you been led astray by starve-yourself-skinny diets that didn't work before surgery...and certainly don't work any better after surgery?
Have you bought into the lie that weight loss is a simple as "calories in / calories out"?
Do you feel like you've been thrown into a strange new body without the tools, tactics and personal support to learn the ropes and create new, healthy habits?
Have you discovered that willpower is a limited resource that only gets you so far?
Have you been told, "Don't worry, you just need a reset."?
Have the carb and sugar monsters been released and you can't figure out how to get them back in their cage?
Do you feel a deep sense of shame, failure or frustration?

Are pre-surgery habits starting to return and you don't know how to stop them?

Do you feel like you're in this journey alone?

It's Not Your Fault!

It's a surgeon's job to transform you physically, but it's up to you to change what's going on in that noggin' of yours.

But if nobody teaches you how to transform your thinking, behaviors and environment, how are you supposed to complete your transformation?

I'll show you how with the Rightsize Living Academy.

Does This Story of Post Surgery Regain Sound Familiar?

I thought my struggle with weight was solved for good when I had bariatric surgery in 2002. I lost 101 pounds in just 6 months and felt smoking hot!

My doctor had warned me it was only a tool, that I had to make changes to my lifestyle. But without knowing HOW to make lasting changes I started gaining back weight before I was one year out. I eventually gained back half of what I had lost. And, I struggled with that post-surgery regain for well over a decade.

I even did something I swore I would never ever do again. Yep … diets, back to basics, obsessive workouts, pouch resets and other drastic measures...over and over again! Any weight I lost ALWAYS boomeranged right back on.

I was exhausted from thinking about my weight from the moment I woke up until my head hit the pillow at night. I just didn't think I had any energy left to address my regain---no matter how high the cost of inaction might be.

Have you ever felt so beaten down by the struggle that you consider giving up on your dream?

I almost gave up hope until…

FINALLY … through years of trial and error I discovered a solution that can transform you from the inside out!

I started my transformation by changing one habit ... just one!

After a miserable experience at the "happiest place on earth" where I had swollen feet, was out of breath, couldn't keep up with my niece and was near tears thinking she must be so embarrassed to be with me, I decided things had to change. 

I became the "mad scientist" in the lab of Rightsize Living, determined to find the breakthrough I'd been looking all my life. As I figured out what worked (and what didn't) my confidence began to build. I felt re-energized. I felt in control. I could move better and breathe better. I laughed more. My body began to transform...slow and steady (and without giving up my favorite peanut butter cookies!).    

I lost all my regain in 2017. EVERY. SINGLE. POUND. More importantly, I've kept it off ever since.

How? By detoxing from the diet mentality and healing from the inside out. My transformation was driven by many small changes…what I call Bitesize Changes.

The revelation I had is this: YOU ARE JUST ONE BITESIZE CHANGE AWAY FROM THE BREAKTHROUGH THAT WILL EMPOWER YOU TO ACHIEVE AND MAINTAIN RIGHTSIZE LIVING…the body in which you look and feel your best without dieting, deprivation or drastic measures.

Are you ready to make that change?


Now, I'm on a Mission to Share What I Learned With You in the Rightsize Living Academy

I know it's easy to feel like giving up. You feel like you're doing everything right, yet you're stuck in the same old rut. It's not you. You just need a better way to get on the path to rightsize.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to “bottle up” what I discovered and share it with anyone fighting to break free from bad habits, old thinking and regain.

The feelings of confidence and control that come along with rightsize living are amazing. It’s a lifestyle that YOU DESERVE TO EXPERIENCE!

Get on the Pathway to Transformation with Rightsize Living Academy

Discover how to transform your thinking, behavior and environment after bariatric surgery so you can take back power over food without dieting or deprivation.

I'll be there by your side during this 8-week academy along with a small, intimate group of your peers. I'll be sharing how to make the transformation through live sessions so we can interact, go deep and work through any unique challenges you face.

If you …

✔  Want to connect with others who "get it"
✔  Want to make lasting change by transforming deeply entrenched habits

✔  Want to lose the weight without diets or drastic measures

✔  Want to reprogram your thinking around food, fitness and health

✔  Want to gain confidence and control
✔  Have a strong desire to give and receive support

✔  Want to look good AND feel good

✔  Want to gain freedom from weight obsession so you can focus on what really matters


Here's What You'll Experience ...

Rightsize Living Academy is an 8-week course, coaching and community experience where you participate in two live weekly sessions that each include a lesson, activity, group discussion and the resources you need to put what you learn into action so you can experience REAL transformation and begin creating your rightsize mindset and body.

Laying the Foundation

We'll dig into the 7 Building Blocks to Rightsize Living and the science behind the Bitesize Changes approach so you can finally get off the dieting hamster wheel and stop damaging your metabolism. You’ll establish your baseline by assessing where you are now, where you want to go and why it’s important to you so you’ll be unwavering in your determination to not only achieve rightsize living, but to maintain it for the long-term.  

Making Transformation

Next, you'll engage in the Bitesize Changes process which includes targeting, planning for and implementing your desired mental and behavioral shifts in a gentle way that allows these changes to sink into place. You'll discover how to get through moments of challenge, should they occur. Imagine how empowered you will feel when you learn how to transform your behaviors in a manner that is free from feelings of anxiety and deprivation.  

Sustaining Your Momentum

Bitesize Changes to Rightsize Living is not a short-term bandaid; it's a long-term solution. Once you’ve begun your transformation, you’ll discover the tactics to sustain your momentum so that your new habits stick and you finally have the ability to develop the thinking, body and lifestyle you deserve. This includes going deep, and working on strengthening your mindset and breaking patterns of mindless and emotional eating.

Here's What People Are Saying ...

Susan in California says…

“When you’re struggling with regain, it’s so easy to fall into the abyss of despair and shame. Trying to figure it out alone wasn’t working for me.  I needed help, inspiration and a mentor to guide me out of the darkness. Enter Shelly Southall and her totally unique approach. Shelly’s Rightsize Living Academy is exactly what I needed. Her inspired thinking, refreshing approach and bite-size coaching gave me the courage to step out of shame and into action. It's a real game-changer to reclaiming a “Yes, I can” mindset. Shelly tackles the gnarly “diet mentality” and does so with compassion, understanding and first-hand experience. If you’re struggling with regain, I highly recommend Shelly’s program. Her program has given me the right mindset to step into right sized self!"

Noemi in Swizterland says…

“More than 10 years after my WLS, I finally found Shelly and an incredible group of people with whom I can share my journey, support and be supported. What I like the most about the academy is the fact that it provides clear practical tools to change my mindset and empower me to implement real changes in my relationship with food.” 

Cris in California says…

“What a blessing you have been in my life. You have changed it. So, we old dogs can learn new tricks. I’m amazed! In addition to my mental good health I really feel physically healthy. "

Paula in California says…

“It was time to let go of my old ways. Surgery, my own efforts and my experiences with Shelly and the amazing women who support me in making Bitesize Changes for Rightsize living have all been pivotal in creating a new mindset and lifestyle. Now, my husband and I are living life to the fullest, staying active and taking trips almost every month. And you know what? I'm worth it!"

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