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Live on ProCare Health's Crowdcast 

See Shelly live on ProCare Health's Crowdcast on Wednesday 2/22/23 at 1pm Eastern with host, Brenda Hoehn.

Do you worry about what happens when the “honeymoon period” after weight loss surgery ends? Maybe, it already has and you’re experiencing the return of unwanted thinking and habits—and it’s freaking you out! Here’s the deal: your bariatric tool will continue to work for decades to come so long as you develop the thinking, behavior and environment to support your success. In this episode, come along on a journey to discover the Rightsize Living Matrix, which will help you pinpoint how your mindset and habits are currently impacting your ability to maintain your ideal weight. Then, you’ll discover the 3 most common mistakes that lead to weight regain after bariatric surgery, and more importantly, how you can avoid them and achieve the long-term success you deserve.
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Live at the 2022 ObesityHelp National Conference

Shelly will be on the stage live on Saturday 10/01/22 at the 2022 ObesityHelp National Conference in Costa Mesa, CA.

Shelly is on a Q&A panel focused on New Habits. New Life. Listen as Shelly shares about the pivotal turning point that helped her overcome post-surgery regain by focusing on NEW THINKING & NEW HABITS. She'll share three tips that helped her implement new habits and answer audience questions.

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